About This Site

This site is intended to be a research aid for those who learn the Torah and other classical texts of Judaism. It provides free access to primary texts of Judaism such as the Torah, Tanach, Talmud, etc. in their original languages as well as various authoritative translations and commentaries.

This site started off as an attempt to list various Hebrew and English Torah texts available on the Internet such as Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, etc. AND to provide search capability. It was intended as a "poor man's" replacement for expensive Torah libraries available on CDs such as Bar Ilan's, and DBS. Eventually, when Google released their new "Custom Search Engine" product, it was possible to provide a single search interface for all classical texts.

Below is a list of sections and tools provided within this site:

  • Audio - provides access to audio lectures on Torah, Talmud and related subjects
  • Books - access to downloads and purchasing information on thousands of Torah-related books
  • Classical Texts - access to primary texts, commentaries and translations
  • Kashrus - access to current kashrus information
  • Q and A - searches modern question and answer knowledgebases on Judaism
  • Research - access to a wide variety of Jewish and Torah websites, organizations, media and reference works. Intended as a general research aid.

As time allows, I will be adding more content and possible extra sections to this site.